Luxury Venetian


Oak Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian

Custom made blinds available in 35mm & 50mm Slat widths. Displaying natures beauty with neutral tones and soft grains. Wooden Venetian Blinds add luxury & warmth

Black fauxwood venetian blinds with tapes

Fauxwood Venetian

This collection is expertly crafted to capture the authentic look and feel of wood. Redefining elegance and versatility, presented in 19 colour options across 35mm and 50mm slat widths.

Black 50mm slat venetian blinds

Motorised Venetian

Smart window covering solutions that enhance everyday life, simply with a touch of a button. Motorised venetian blinds integrate seamlessly into homes, helping with daily routines – revolutionising how we manage light and privacy. When motorised blinds are connected with smart home devices, they create a safe, comfortable and energy efficient environment. Energy Efficiency Once your blinds are connected to smart home hubs, set timers to close your blinds in order to retain as much heat as possible, wherever you are. Allowing you to return to a comfortable home while helping to reduce energy.