Blind Concealment System

Designed to disappear

Our mission is to provide people with a bright, beautiful space that brims with energy: somewhere you feel you can live, work and play. Minimal in their design, concealed blinds don’t fight for your attention, making them a subtle, stylish way of controlling light.

Concealed Blinds

Minimal Design

Hidden away in your wall or ceiling, concealed blinds bring clean, open light to rooms without directly effecting their interior. A perfect addition to windows, gables, and skylights, they are an elegant, durable, and attractive option, available in a range of styles and designs.

Hidden Blinds

Ultimate Finish

Concealed blinds can provide a room with a stylish finishing touch, allowing spaces to breathe through their discreet, low impact design. Regardless of what other features your room might have, concealed blinds augment them through their absence.

Latern Blind


Integrated within your space. Seamlessly concealed to discreetly hide your window blinds. A hidden space can be created inside the wall or ceiling.

Curtain Track

Minimalist design. Curtain track is finished flush with the ceiling area. Fully recessing the track systems. Somfy, Lutron, Silent Gliss and Qmotion tracks can all be hidden

Concealed Blinds

Design Not Distraction

Ultimately, opting for concealed blinds allows you to focus on design features that are integral to your home, allowing you to push certain interior features to the forefront of your chosen aesthetic.