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Enhance The Room

The addition of curtains to your home enhances the rooms you choose them for in countless different ways, opening your interior up to a new ambience through colour, size, and overall design. Alongside their aesthetic advantages, curtains are also good insulators, allowing you to black out a room so you can manage light through lamps, dimmers, and other decorative features of your living space.

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We understand that curtains do more than dress a window, they make a home. From contemporary plains or vibrant patterns to classical silks and elegant velvets, there are literally thousands of fabrics to suit your style and taste. James Albert source fabrics from world-leading textile houses and our designers will help you find fabrics that are perfect for the look you want to achieve. With various lining and interlining options available you can choose how much sunlight and sound to filter out or how much richness and warmth to add.

Motorised Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks

James Albert offer systems that can be hand-drawn, cord controlled or motorised and provide a wide range of premium curtain tracks from Somfy, Silent Gliss. We provide the unique REESE™ completely concealed recessed curtain track holders that are built-in during construction and enable you to install curtain tracks that are finished flush to the ceiling. These can be used in combination with Blindspace® fully concealed solutions for roller and pleated blinds to create a complete contemporary look.

Luxury Curtain Pole


From the type of fabric to the style of pole we believe it’s in the details. Our in-house design team will help and guide you. With a tailored design to your style and window type our curtains will enhance your room. Electric or concealed, corded or manual we have all the options.

Made to measure luxury curtains


Tailor Made & Fitted To Perfection. Free In-Home Service. Contact us for more information.

Luxury Textiles

Numerous Styles

Curtain pleats can be structured in different ways, effecting the way they hang, as well as how they drape across your windows. Box, goblet, or wave pleats are just a few amongst a plethora of options, allowing you to consider their design in relation to insulation, light, and decoration. You can also choose how they move across the rod to which they are attached, with eyelet, rod-pocket and tab-top options being a few amongst many.